Things to Consider When Choosing a Treestand

X-Stand Treestands

Things to Consider When Choosing a Treestand

X-Stand Treestands can help make choosing the right hunting treestand easy, through Hunt Safe Technology.

Hunters for years now have been hunting from treestands. The benefits of hunting from an elevated position are much greater than hunting from the ground. A hunter’s field of view is often increased when hunting in a treestand giving you an advantage to incoming deer. It also reduces your risk of being detected as you are no longer at eye level with the deer. Other benefits like thermals, scent control, shot placement and even a greater blood trail can occur when using a treestand to it’s full advantage.

Treestands also have risks involved as well. If your shooting lanes aren’t cleared, you may find yourself trapped with no shot opportunities. As the leaves fall, if your stand isn’t properly camouflaged or prepared for the changing season, you may end up with the a skyline background, which could leave you sticking out like a sore thumb.

The greatest risk of all, however, is the most overlooked item on a hunter’s checklist when purchasing a treestand. Treestands, not guns, account for the majority of hunting accidents each year and are increasing each year. X-Stand Treestands, through Hunt Safe Technology, is preventing more treestand related hunting accidents, allowing you to focus more on the thing you love to do, hunt.


Public Land vs. Private Property

Public Land vs Private PropertyOne of the biggest deciding factors in choosing a treestand may be decided by where you hunt. When it comes to public and private property, some state laws require hunters to remove their treestands at the end of each hunt. In this case, a climbing treestand may seem like your only option. Luckily for us, X-Stand designed the Back Country Combowhich allows hunters the versatility of a hang-on stand, with the mobility of a climbing stand.

This may be the first deciding factor when looking at which treestand to purchase. If the majority of your hunting is done on private property instead, a ladder stand may be the correct choice. We will get into the benefits of each next to help you choose.


Ladder Stands

Ladder Stands
Ladder stands are great for many reasons and choosing an X-Stand Ladder Stand can be the best choice you make this hunting season. Ladder stands are ideal for private property, but if your state allows it, they can also be very beneficial on public as well.

The Jaw Safety SystemComfortability and ease of use may be the number one reason most hunters choose a ladder stand. When it comes to the X-Stand Ladder Stands, you not only get ease of use and extreme comfort, but you get the added benefit of The Jaw Safety System.The Jaw Safety System allows X-Stand Ladder Stands to be the only ladder stand on the market that can be completely secured from the ground.

Ladder stands are great for many reasons. From a medical or health perspective, those with bad knees or lack the ability to use climbing sticks or other means of climbing, a ladder stand can be a great option. From a deer hunting perspective, ladder stands are great as a permanent option. Areas of high deer traffic, like transition areas, food plots and on the edge of bedding areas a ladder stand can be the ideal stand. A ladder stand is one that is good to set up and leave all hunting season.


Hang-On Treestands

Hang-On Treestands
If versatility is what you need, then a hang on treestand from X-Stand might just be what you need. Hunting over food sources, trying not to spook deer in bedding areas or sneaking into the transitional areas, can always be difficult, especially trying to find the perfect tree for your stand site. Whether your treestand location has the terrain for easy access or you are finding it difficult to find a straight tree, X-Stand is known for having some of the lightest treestands on the market which can get you in and up in almost any situation. Features such as the Quick Hitch and Traxtion Control help hunters stay safe in even the least ideal situations. The Quick Hitch of X-Stands’ Hunt Safe Technologies offers the ability to level and adjust your hang-on to the tree. Traxtion control gives you extra grip for safety and stability while using.

Mantis Climbing StickAlong with Hang-On Treestands, you will want to check out the one of a kind, climbing sticks from X-Stand. One of the things that bothers most people about climbing sticks is they are usually difficult to assemble and often don’t provide a solid grip or enough distance from the tree to allow you to climb. X-Stand has taken the complaints from hunters afield, went to the drawing board and designed the extremely light, quick and easy assembled, Mantis Climbing sticks. Using Dual Spine Hunt Safe Technology, the Mantis Climbing sticks uses two-lightweight tubes for added strength and stability. In conjunction with the Pro-Lite, 60/61 aircraft aluminum, each climbing stick only weighs 2.5lbs. Think of that when you are 15’ in a tree trying to add an additional climbing stick. Hunt Safe Technology is what is bringing more and more hunters back to X-Stand.


Climbing Treestands

Climbing TreestandsClimbing treestands are great for the mobile hunters. Those who hunt public or private but don’t want to be locked down to one spot. A climbing treestand is great for someone who has several spots that they like to hunt, but no budget to place a treestand at each of these spots.


The treestand that first made X-Stand, stand out, no pun intended, is the X-Stand Climbing Treestand. Voted Best-of-the-Best in Field and Stream Magazine and since, has been the go-to for most mobile hunters, the X-1 Climbing Treestand from X-Stand continues to be a favorite every year. Weighing less than 10lbs, this is the lightest climbing treestand on the market. Not only is it the lightest, it’s built with patented fleX arms that keep the cable tight to the tree when seated and expand, to allow you to climb over nubs and branches while ascending and descending the tree.

Whether you are heading out on public to get further off the road than the next guy or have several locations to hunt on private, the climbing style treestand is a great tool for your arsenal. Through Hunt Safe Technology, X-Stand has made climbing and descending trees with a climbing treestand, a safe and effective way to hunt.


Keep in Mind

Keep In Mind
Hunting from above can be one of the most effective ways to hunt when chasing the whitetail deer. Safety has always been of X-Stand Treestand’s number one concern, which is why our treestands are built on a solid foundation of hunter safety. Our treestands are amongst the most comfortable in the market and all kidding aside, falling asleep while using a treestand can be very dangerous. We always recommend using and wearing a safety harness. No matter if your stand location calls for a ladder stand, climbing stand or hang-on stand, X-Stand has everything you need to be safe and successful this hunting season.

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