The Value of Off Season

The Value of Off Season

It’s a Saturday in mid-February and we’re taking advantage of the off-season from deer hunting. For the first time in 6 weeks the temperature has risen above freezing in Southern Minnesota. It’s a rarity and it’s something that you don’t let slip by. Time to load up the family, it’s a perfect day to be in the deer woods. This may seem odd, as it’s also been 6 weeks since the season came to an end, but the value of this day is something my wife and I don’t waste. Its stand removal day, which to us is just as valuable as hanging a deer stand… here’s why.


The 25 Foot Climbing Stick


One of the commonly overlooked aspects of hunting is treestand safety in the off-season. We all remember the night before opener that we should brush the dust off our safety harness. It’s commonly overlooked and stand removal time is perfect. Checking cables, straps, bolts and nuts on our treestands should be done every season. Even if you don’t pull stands down, I want to stress the importance of checking your equipment. A successful hunt can be measured by the experience but remember that walking out of the woods with the ability to go out and hunt again is equally successful!

What to check:

  1. Mounting Straps
  2. Platform Cables
  3. Welds
  4. Nuts/bolts
  5. Climbing sticks


So many people spend countless hours pouring over maps and satellite images of their deer hunting spot. They’re looking for the food sources, bedding areas, pinch points, access and every other little detail that hunters pour over just to get a glimpse of that target deer during the season. These are all critical steps to a successful season but what good is all the study and scouting if you go to hang a stand if it’s not in safe shape? That’s what I love about the mid-February Saturday that’s finally above freezing! Off to the deer woods we go. My 3-year old daughter loves it because she gets to ride in the sled. My wife loves it because it’s finally above freezing. I love it because I have an excuse to go check out travel areas, pull my stands, check them over for any issues, and begin dreaming of next season.