The Perfect Stand for a Southwest Kansas Guy like Myself……

The Perfect Stand for a Southwest Kansas Guy like Myself……

Growing up in Southwest Kansas, you sometimes watch hunting shows being jealous of the hunters on the screen because of something most do not realize: the jealousy of someone having mature, tall trees is real. Out here in Southwestern Kansas and the Oklahoma Panhandle, large trees are hard to come by. The flat croplands and rolling pasture ground makes up the majority of the landscape and most trees are windbreaks to farm houses. To be a successful bowhunter in western Oklahoma and Kansas meant you had to learn to spot and stalk. I soon realized why most deer hunters took to rifle hunting; it was much easier. Not me, I wanted to be different.

The search for good trees was the main goal. I always overlooked the small crab apple tree or evergreen tree rows that are scattered around. They weren’t big enough to put a hang on in and too short for the typical ladder stands. I noticed a pattern with the local deer herds. Every year during the rut, those trees were torn up. I often asked myself, how can I get in position to hunt those deer? The typical ground blind does not work well out here with the typical strong wind we have, I have lost more blinds than I can think of. Plus, it still did not fill that desire to sit in a tree stand.


This past season, I finally found a solution: the Apollo Stand from X-Stands. It’s a ladder stand 11ft from the ground to the seat. The lock on jaws give some stability on the smaller trunks of the trees. Being able to pack it up and move in a hurry is also a bonus. I was able to get 2 of the Apollo Stands prior to the season start in Oklahoma. I had a few small trees in mind to test this stand. It took a little trimming but the stand fit like a charm. I was able to hunt places that normally I would have overlooked, and because of that I was able to harvest a good Whitetail by placing the Apollo in smaller trees. I am proud to say, I do not have a jealousy of those guys with alot of trees. I feel now I have a secret weapon!

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