More than just a stand…

More than just a stand…

It’s more than just a treestand, that’s what I tell myself every time I look at the map thinking about the quickly-approaching hunting season. It’s more than just a spot in the woods, and I will cherish it as such. I have been hunting for 23 years, brought up in the sport by my dad and grandfather, and I wouldn’t trade a moment of time for anything. Between those two men, I have learned more about the outdoors; habitat, nature, perseverance, habits and patterns, woodsman ship and conservation, than most people around the world will learn in their lifetime.

My family is fortunate enough to own a piece of land that we use as our recreation property, and this year we decided to go all-in on preparation for the upcoming season. This is our third year of management on the property, and we finally felt we have enough of a grasp of the land to really settle in for the season. Unfortunately for me, I live approximately 11 hours from the family land, so I get limited time to work on the property. My dad and I spend hours on the phone together every spring and summer pouring over maps, discussing what we saw hunting the previous year, and strategizing towards the upcoming season. I make as much of an effort as I can to make it to the property 3 times a year, once in the spring to turkey hunt and start turning over the land, once in the summer to set cameras and x-stands, and once in the fall to spend a week hunting with my dad. This past summer we hung some Patron stands, two new Duke ladderstands and swapped some old stands out with Paragon platforms. As we quickly move through September, my dad and I frequently talk about what’s showing up on trail camera, what stands the deer seem to be in front of the most, and we dream about sweet November and the memories we hope to make over the hard work we’ve put in.

This is why it’s more than just a stand. The X-Stands that my dad and I have hung represent time, memories, learned skills and a passion we both share. These stands act as a conversation piece, as a reference point in our minds. They’re a familiar landmark that spurs deep discussion and at times some serious daydreams. These stands are something I will hopefully pass along to the next generation someday, maybe not the exact ones we will sit in this fall, but the values and memories these stands represent will be passed on. Take some time this year and find someone to share the outdoors with, and maybe if you’re lucky, they’ll be more than just a stand for you too.

-Lance DeJonge (Brand Ambassador)

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