Hunt Safe Technologies

X-Stand Technologies The Jaw

The Jaw Safety System

Patent Pending design exclusive to X-Stand ladderstands. The steel dual jaws clamp around the tree ensuring your stand is extremely safe and stable before you even leave the ground. Each Jaw pivots and works independently of each other for a true fail safe design, the jaws lock onto the tree by tightening the system at ground level, preventing slippage and “pulling away from the tree” while also stabilizing the stand during the most critical time of set up. The Jaw Safety System is revolutionary technology and IT WILL SAVE LIVES! Learn More

X-Stand Technologies Dual Spine

Dual Spine

The Dual Spine Technology is exclusive to X-Stand’s Mantis climbing sticks. Our Patent Pending Design uses two lightweight tubes instead of the traditional single heavy wall tube. The two tubes combined are stronger and more secure than the traditional single tube. They also give the stick greater structural integrity by spreading the weight carried by the stand-offs and the foot pegs over a wider area across the stick, making The Mantis more durable and balanced.

X-Stand Technologies Pro-Flex


Our flexible fiberglass arm technology features a Patented Design exclusive to X-Stand Treestands. The Flexible fiberglass arms help make X-Stand treestands incredibly light. By actuating in and out they eliminate the need for a heavy, bulky upper framework. These arms allow the cable to move inward as weight is applied to grip the tree on the sides and the back, unlike regular treestands, which only grip the back of the tree. The flex arms work to push the cable away from the tree while climbing, giving added clearance for the hunter to ascend and descend without the hang ups normally associated with climbing treestands.

X-Stand Technologies Pro-Lite


Our lightweight aluminum series made form 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum, the lightest and strongest aluminum in the industry.

X-Stand Technologies Quick Hitch

Quick Hitch

The Quick Hitch receiver designed to be used with our X-pedition Hang On. Allows hunters to utilize multiple hunting locations. Easily adjustable, levels the entire stand seat and platform at the same time.

X-Stand Technologies Traxtion Control

TraXtion Control

Non-slip feature added to the foot platform. Gives you added grip for safety and stability.

Weather Defender

A special powder coating spray with a no-slip grip texture is applied to defend against nature’s elements and to help eliminate noise.


Heavy-duty expanded metal utilized on the foot platform designed to add strength, traction, safety and silence.


1″ x 2″ oval tubing that has been engineered for use on specific parts of the stand for added strength.


Luxury seat design that contours to your body for extreme comfort. Weather-resistant mesh that flexes and holds strong against nature’s elements.

Stealth Silencers

Self-lubricatng washers that eliminate noisy metal to metal contact between parts.

X-Stand Technologies DZX

DZX Drop Zone Xtreme

This 100% authentic 3D pattern is derived from photos taken directly out of X-Stand’s own backyard. The natural blend of warm colors makes this Unique and Captivating Camouflage pattern great for hunting during any season.

Silent Snap Pin

At X-Stand we know how important it is to get out to the woods and into your stand with as little to no noise as possible. We focused on adding special features to our stand to do this. We got our prototype out in the woods, set it up, climbed up and realized we forgot one thing, the clanking of the metal snap pins against the ladder sections. So we thought, we can do better; we can make this silent and we can give our customers a better product. So we did! The Silent Snap Pin features a special design to eliminate noise completely, keeping the pin locked tight to eliminate the noisy metal-on-metal clanking.


We took our already comfortable Comfort Flex seat features and raised the bar with a new high arch technology for all day comfort. No bars/no pressure points = all day comfort. You will not find a more comfortable treestand seat. Period.


Increased weight capacities brought to you by customer demand. Everything about these stands are heavy duty and solid as a rock.