Frequently Asked Questions

What are the flexible arms made out of and do they bend?
They are made of fiberglass and bend just like bow limbs.

Do the flexible arms touch the tree?
Only the tips of the flexible arms touch the tree.

How much seating area do you have between the side rails?
The inside diameter of the top frame is 19 inches.

Does the stand come complete for climbing?
Yes - this 2 piece climber already assembled from the factory.

How quiet is this stand to set up and use?
It is very quiet and easy to set up due to the fact of its quick cable attachment system and that no parts have to be
removed or re-assembled to set up.

How does the cable attach to the tree/stand?
The cable wraps around the tree and fits into a notch on either side of the stand and a spring pin closes over it.

Is the safety belt provided or purchased separately?
Each tree stand is shipped with the safety belt included.

What is the bottom platform size?
It is a large 31" x 21" platform.

What is the stand constructed of?
The X-Stand is constructed entirely from 60/61 T6 aircraft aluminum.

In what increments is the cable adjustable?
Every 3-1/2" inches with a stop that fits into the quick release notch.

How are the two pieces attached together to prevent loss of the bottom portion?
There is a tether strap that doubles as the back pack strap that connects the two portions together.

Where are your distributors ? 
Check out our Dealer List tab on our website for dealer information.  If you don't have a dealer in your area,
you can place an order on the X-Stand Treestands website. 
Is there a warrant against defects?
X-Stand Treestands warrants this X-Stand Treestands product against defect(s) in material and workmanship,
under proper use and storage for the period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. Proof of purchase, plus,
the return of your warranty application card to our home office, is required for any warranty claim. In the event
this product is found to be defective within the warranty period, X-Stand Treestands only obligation and your
exclusive remedy shall be replacement or repair of any defective parts at our discretion.

For more information download the X-Stand X-1 Treestand Instruction Manual click here